Qigong is a powerful system for healing and training that has been developed in China over thousands of years. The word qigong is formed from two Chinese characters: Qi translates as life energy or vital force, and Gong means extraordinary achievement. Qigong is a process of personal training; you can use the combination of slow flowing movements, focused breathing techniques and profound concentration to optimise the energy flow within your body and release tensions and blockages. It takes so little to radically improve your health and discover how well you can feel.

At Yangtorp we practise medical qigong in accordance with ancient traditions that have been developed and refined by generations of the Wu Lee family. Six Secret Words is a holistic system for total balance, whereas De Rui Qigong is a good system for beginners as it is easy to learn and suitable for all ages. You can also train Shaolin qigong at Yangtorp in the form of kung fu based on techniques that originated in the legendary Shaolin Temple in China. Throughout history the monks of Shaolin have been renowned for their strength, agility and physical skills.

– increasing your energy levels to enable you to get more out of life
– enhancing your sense of awareness
– dealing positively with stress
– boosting creativity
– reducing mental and physical tensions, aches and pains
– becoming more supple and agile
– enjoying better, deeper sleep
– improving your physical awareness

Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart
Qigong training
Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart
Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart