Yangtorp is a little piece of China in the heart of south-eastern Skåne. Nestling among leafy woods, fields and meadows in the south of Sweden is the temple – a 12,000 square metre sanctuary where you can allow yourself the luxury of taking a break from everyday life, discovering or learning more about qigong, meditating or simply being. This is a place you come to in order to feel better, cultivate a sense of greater awareness and learn from a tradition of knowledge accumulated over more than a thousand years that gives you the tools to deal with everyday life here and now.

Yangtorp was founded in 1998 by Master Marcus Bongart, a certified qigong master and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine, initiated as a monk in the legendary Shaolin Temple and Vice President of The World Academic Society of Medical Qigong.


Yangtorp Qigong Sanctuary
There are regular qigong courses at Yangtorp, for both beginners and experienced students. You can choose between everything from intensive 1-day courses to long-term retreats. In autumn and spring we also arrange group training sessions in qigong and kung fu.
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Rent our premises
A possibility to hold your own courses, kick-offs and trainings in a Chinese Temple. As soon as you walk through the gates you feel the relaxing atmosphere.
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Yangtorp Chinese Health Center
In our Chinese Health Center we offer acupuncture, moxa therapy, cupping therapy, wooping, Thai massage, oil massage, herbal baths, herbal footbaths and foot massage. You can also book an appointment for a Chinese diagnosis in accordance with traditional Chinese medical theory.
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Yangtorp Conference Center
Yangtorp has well-equipped, modern premises for meetings and conferences for 8 up to as many as 70 delegates. Our hotel section has 34 rooms and offers overnight packages for up to 78 guests.
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Yangtorp Academy
Yangtorp Academy arranges regular quality-assured courses to train instructors and therapists in qigong and traditional Chinese medicine.
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Shaolin Gate, entrence
Master Marcus Bongart
The reception at Chinese Health Center
One of our hotel rooms
Yangtorp Herbgarden
Shambala Shop