To spread an understanding of ancient Chinese philosophy in order to help people to better comprehend the importance of taking personal responsibility for their mental, emotional and physical actions.

To work to create mutual respect among all people regardless of their origins, profession or religious beliefs.

To encourage people to understand how important their own personal development is if they are to achieve the sense of well-being that opens the door to greater opportunities for success.

To raise people’s awareness of the importance of maintaining, improving and taking care of their health, and of regarding good health as one of our most valuable resources.

To work to ensure that everyone enjoys the same freedom and opportunities to express their opinions.

To inspire people to use the warmest feelings that they experience within their hearts as a force of cosmic love that enables them to make decisions that demonstrate respect for themselves and for others.

To help both the weak and the strong in society.

To share knowledge, experience and understanding based on Chinese tradition, medicine and philosophy, through education in these subjects and through therapy in the form of qigong, tai chi and kung fu.

Marcus Bongart,
founder of Yangtorp Sanctuary



Qigong in the Tempel Park
Meditation in Tempel Rui Lin Shi