Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has developed over millennia and is based on a holistic approach to human well-being. Instead of defining and treating individual symptoms, practitioners search for the causes and sources of these ailments. In China traditional Chinese medicine is practised alongside western therapies.

The Yangtorp Chinese Health Center employs well-trained, fully certified therapists. Here you can choose from a number of different treatments – everything from pain-relief acupuncture to relaxing oil massages and detoxifying herbal baths. If you are suffering from specific ailments we recommend a thorough diagnosis in accordance with traditional Chinese principles.

The Chinese Health Center is also a place where you can go simply to unwind. Take a detox bath in our infrared sauna, meditate as you gaze out over the Chinese garden, or simply enjoy a little fresh fruit as you relax after your treatment.

Bookings to the CHC are made through the Yangtorp reception desk.


• Diagnosis >  800 SEK

• Acupuncture >  60 min, 600 SEK

• Invigorating Acupuncture >  60 min, 480 SEK

• Moxa Therapy >  30 min, 395 SEK

Cupping >  30 min, 300 SEK

• Wooping > 45 min, 325 SEK

• Thai Massage > 60 min, 795 SEK

• Thai Oil Massage > 60 min, 895 SEK

Herbal Bath > 45 min, 395 SEK

Herbal Footbath & Foot Massage > 45 min, 395 SEK



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Chinese Health Center
Relaxing Herbal Bath