1. The cancellation policy should always be referred to in Yangtorp AB’s booking information. A booking for a retreat/course or event is valid as soon as Yangtorp Service AB has accepted the booking and sent a written confirmation.

  2. At the latest one week before the beginning of an event (course, retreat, etc.) the booking client must submit personal data, information about any food allergies and special requests such as different meal times or details of any other desired activity.

  3. For cancellations within two weeks from the date booked for the retreat/course or event clients will be charged 75% of the agreed price, payable to Yangtorp Service AB.

  4. For cancellations made less than a week before the beginning of a course/stay clients will be charged the full amount of the agreed price, payable to Yangtorp Service AB.

  5. If Yangtorp Service AB incurs any extra expenses linked to the booking, these expenses are also to be compensated for by the cancelling client.

  6. Events are invoiced in advance. The client has 10 days to make full payment to Yangtorp Service AB.

  7. Should the cost for providing any products or services agreed increase as a result of changes in taxation, devaluation, official regulations or similar circumstances, Yangtorp Service AB reserves the right to charge the client to cover such additional costs. In such cases, Yangtorp Service AB is to inform the client immediately of any additional prices.

  8. In the event of strike, lockout, fire, substantially restricted deliveries or other events beyond the control of Yangtorp Service AB, Yangtorp Service AB may revoke the agreement without obligation to pay damages to the client.

  9. Yangtorp Service AB has full responsibility in relation to the client for the commitments agreed.

  10. A booked room is usually available from 2 pm on the day of arrival.

  11. Yangtorp Service AB makes reservations for any price changes.

  12. Yangtorp Service AB reserves the right to cancel a course, arrangement or conference and refund any payments for the same made by the client. Any additional costs incurred by the client will not be covered by Yangtorp Service AB.

  13. Guests booking as a single person will be charged a single room supplement.