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The Concept of Educational Standards of Medical Qigong, CesamQ, was developed by Marcus Bongart in 1992. CesamQ seeks to preserve the millennia-old traditions of Chinese medicine, culture and philosophy and to disseminate them in a form that is relevant to Western society today.

CesamQ is the result of many years’ close collaboration with professors, Chinese qigong masters and researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden and Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Today we are partners in an ongoing exchange programme with both Henan University of Chinese Medicine and Shaolin Temple in China, and all our educational programmes in qigong are approved by the World Academic Society for Medical Qigong (WASMQ).

Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart
Qigong stretching
Chinese Health Center
Master Marcus Bongart
Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart