Visit Yangtorp with your group and take part in a programme of activities composed just for you. We offer attractive packages that include food, accommodation and meeting rooms in a harmonious setting!

Why not hold your courses, seminar or retreat at Yangtorp? You will start to feel the benefits of the harmonious, tranquil atmosphere as soon as you step inside the sanctuary.

Yangtorp serves vegan food and is a tobacco-free and alcohol-free environment with well-equipped meeting rooms, spacious exercise facilities and beautifully decorated hotel rooms. At Yangtorp you can experience the benefits of qigong exercise/training, meditation, kung fu and much more besides.

Yangtorp is surrounded by deciduous forests, meadows and fields that enable us and our guests to draw energy from the beautiful natural landscape around us. It is a place people come to in order to feel better, cultivate a greater sense of mindfulness and learn from a tradition of knowledge accumulated over more than a thousand years that gives you the tools to deal with everyday life here and now.

If you and your group would like to spend time at Yangtorp, please feel free to get in touch by phone or email and we’ll be happy to provide more information.


+46 (0) 730 50 37 26

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