If you have already completed a foundation course in one or more of the De Rui qigong systems or in “Six Secret Words”, you can practise qigong in a group training session with one of our expert qigong instructors/qigong trainers. We also work on perfecting the qigong movements and focus on breathing techniques, thought and movement with the aim of helping participants to improve and enhance the effect of their own private training and thus raise energy levels and increase well-being. Training in a group also promote social cohesion and encourages participants to follow their own training regimes at home.

Drop-in training: SEK 200 per session
10-session card: SEK 1,500

Contact us at info@yangtorp.com for details of training sessions

Kung Fu
Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart
Qigong stretching
Qigong in the Tempel Park
Shaolin gate, entrence