We welcome you to Yangtorp on a retreat, a weekend or on a Friday treat. It gives you a breathing space in the midst of everyday life where you can enjoy the good food and the beautiful surroundings. Relax in the Chinese Health Center and forget about everyday life for a moment.

During a retreat  you can relax and discover serenity, energy and vitality with the help of qigong. Most important of all, you will find the tools you need to continue to train on your own after you return to the world outside. The day starts at 7 am with some invigorating qigong stretching sequences, followed up with various other qigong sessions during the rest of the day. Training takes place both indoors and in the open air, and you are free to decide which exercises you wish to take part in. The day is rounded off with a relaxing evening meditation. 

As our guest you are always welcome to visit the Chinese Health Center where you can try different traditionell chinese treatments, enjoy a massage, relax in the sauna or just enjoy the view of the Chines Garden from the meditation area.

Your meals are served in the Guan Gu Restaurant. The menu comprises exclusively vegetarian dishes, lovingly composed and prepared with meticulous care and attention to detail. The majority of the ingredients have been organically grown, most of them on farms close to Yangtorp.

We don’t serve any alcoholic beverages but we have other alternative drinks to offer.

One of our hotel rooms
Qigong training with Master Marcus Bongart
Guan Gu Restaurant
Yangtorp Herbal Garden
Meditation in the Tea Room