– 1 day Retreat from 10.00 – 18.00

A day of peace and recovery. 

• Qigong training and meditation
• Entrance to the Chinese Health Center with relaxation area and infrared sauna
• Lunch at 1 pm
• Tea and snacks upon arrival

10:00 Arrival. Tea and snacks are served in Chinease health center
Bathrobe, slippers and towel assigned and there is time to wander around and get to know Yangtorp. Why not treat yourself to a snack in the bar or visit the Temple Rui Lin Shi?
During the day you can watch an introduction film about Qigong and its importance.

Price 975 SEK per person

Qigong training is continuous on a fixed schedule during the day and it is optional if you want to participate.


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Qigong in the Tempel Park
Guan Gu Restaurant
Herbal Bath with massage